Is it possible to have lindens without having to buy in Second Life?

Girl with a lot of free lindens on Second Life metaverse

This article will show you if it is possible to have free lindens in Second Life.

Second Life, a metaverse that will turn 20 years old in 2023, has gained notoriety from millions of people around the world. The metaverse has been experiencing considerable growth over time, of course, not like in 2008 – 2010, where there was the “boom” of Second Life.

The biggest fallacy is that SL is failing, those who say these things are in search of controversy and views. No, Second Life continues to grow without a doubt.

Why they’re in Second Life

One of the many reasons that makes residents stay in the metaverse (both novices and veterans) is the large market for digital products. Autonomous artists who are always updating and bringing novelties, from hair with textures and hyper-realistic animations, to houses with the best of 3D.

This all fosters the enthusiasm of its residents to always be buying and making their avatars more stylish.

Promotions and discounts

Promotions and events that happen all the time with a wide variety of products and discounts, which ends up becoming a kind of printed guide of what is best to buy and the stores and designers that are more pumping and bringing news.

But, there is a cost to it. Of course, there are those who say that it is possible to create a beautiful avatar without having to spend. But this demands experience in the metaverse, and not always the free items are the best in “design technology”, and ends up limiting your creativity.

The best is paid…

Most of the best of Second Life is paid for, and needs to be purchased with Linden dollars, the metaverse virtual currency. The easiest and fastest way to get these lindens is to buy directly from the Linden Exchange on the official Second Life website. And there may be a problem for many that is not part of their reality to buy L$ or does not interest them to spend real money on something virtual, in short, there are several personal reasons that prevent them from this.

…but there are alternatives and free!

However, nowadays there are several ways to get free lindens on Second Life, without having to spend real money. But there may be a counterbalance to what I said just above: “easier and faster”, because these ways to earn lindens can demand time from your day.

So, check out below some of the possible ways to get free lindens legally, without hurting the Second Life terms of service:

Alternatives for free lindens on Second Life:

Earn Lindens and Money creating 3d digital products for Second Life users
  • Content Creator – You can become one, create digital products and sell them in your Marketplace store ( Requires skills of Photoshop, Illustrator and 3d Modelling softwares in some cases, or other photo editing and vectorization programs;
Second Life Earn as a DJ
  • Jobs – Second Life job is not a joke, and the work needs to be taken seriously, because the contractor often makes money from your virtual business and needs people to assist them in certain tasks. Some examples of jobs, you can work as:
    • Party Host, welcoming visitors to the parties, keeping the parties always lively;
    • Land broker, use sales skills to turn a land-seeking visitor into a customer;
    • Dancer, liven up the parties with all your collection of dances;
    • DJ,
    • Manager, manage and run multiple types of businesses, from partying to stores and events;
    • Fashion Model,
    • and many other jobs that require your real-life time and that require some experience, depending on the job and contractor;
    • Search for “Jobs” in Search or keep an eye on the Second Life forum:
Second Life Earn as an Escort
  • Jobs in the adult industry – Second Life is also known for its adult content. There are many clubs where avatars are available to offer sex services and virtual company. You can become an escort, and earn L$ by keeping company, dancing, and whatever your customer desires.. But it requires a very beautiful and attractive avatar, requiring an average investment. Search for “escorts” “adult club” in SL Search; (Remembering that Second Life only allows people over 18 years old)
Second Life Earn as a photographer
  • Self-employed jobs – If you have photography skills you can take this knowledge to SL. Provide photography services to customers who do not have these skills. This also counts, for those who understand programming, graphic design. You can search for or advertise services on the Second Life forum, without spamming;
  • Contests – there are several types of contests, from parties with sploder that are full of L$ and at the end of the party blow up and draw the L$ for the participants, to events where you need to meet certain requirements and participate in a draw. Search for the word “contest” or “party,” and you’ll find several locations with awards involved;
Hunting Crystal Craze on Second Life
  • Hunting for Crystals, Piggy Banks and Coins – is a modality that requires you a lot of time to hunt coins and crystals scattered in various locations in the metaverse. Just click on one of them, wait a certain time and receive. The payment for each crystal or coin ranges from 0.1 to 10L$. If you do it with patience and take the time to know the lands, you can earn an interesting amount. Examples: Crystal Craze, Goldtokens, Gold Piggy.
Fishing and earning free lindens on Second Life
  • Fishing – grab your fishing rod and go out looking for buoys scattered throughout Second Life. With each catch you earn an amount of L$, which ranges from 0.1L$ up to 5L$. Additionally, there are always multiplier events that 2x, 3x, 5x that rewards even more. Examples: Fish Hunt, Virtual Fishing, Magic Fishing.
Earn Free Lindens on Second Life by completing tasks like testing apps and games
  • Earn by Testing Apps and Games – a great alternative to all the examples I gave above is to earn free lindens by performing simple tasks like testing mobile apps, games and services. For example: currently you can test the game Raid on your computer and earn L$3500 to reach level 40 in 35 days (it may no longer be available when you read this article), a way that pays better than fishing and coin hunting for example, and requires much less time. In addition to having other earning options that pay very well as well, such as answering surveys and watching videos.

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Remembering that all L$ purchased and paid to our users are legally purchased directly from the Linden Exchange mentioned above. Then, indirectly you buy the L$, exchanging your effort to complete the tasks in L$. The website does not hurt any TOS of SL and Linden Lab.

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